Crowns are a permanent addition to the mouth

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Crowns are a permanent addition to the mouth. It is therefore necessary for those who want the treatment done to consult with a dentist before settling on getting them. The dentist will see them through the pros and cons. A new innovation in dental crowns is one day crowns. This is when a dentist offers the service of being able to fabricate the crown at his or her rooms and then immediately attach them to the tooth. The advantage here is being able to leave with a brand new tooth. Past methods would have needed the tooth to be filed down and the crown placed only weeks later. Withone day crowns, this is no longer the case. A patient undergoing crowns would just need to make a single appointment. An injected numbing agent will be put into the mouth. This is so the tooth receiving the crown can be filed down. There is a sharp pain when this is done which is not felt by the patient when the area is numb.


The filing is to ensure that there is enough of space for the one day crowns to fit over. If there is any decay on the tooth then this can be removed at this stage as well. Crowns provide a better alternative to fillings because of the long lasting nature of the materials used in its manufacture. A paste is then applied to the mouth. This will harden and an impression of the tooth in its exact dimensions will be the result. The dentist will use this to make one day crowns that will fit precisely over the tooth. One day crowns are designed to add an aesthetic component to the tooth. Therefore if patients need straighter, whiter or stronger teeth, one day crowns are often the go to dental treatment. The material used for one day crowns are a porcelain ceramic blend. Once milled, they provide an exact replica of a natural tooth. The final step is bonding the crown onto the tooth.

This is industrial grade and will last for a lifetime. There is no down time required after getting one day crowns and patients can resume with their normal activities right after. The numbness will go down within the next few hours. A little extra care is needed for the next few days while the rest of the mouth gets acclimated with the crown. Patients will feel a difference at first but this also goes away. Taking care of crowns is the same as one would do for regular teeth. It is important to stick to a routine especially if bad oral hygiene was the reason for having to have gotten one day crowns in the first place. They are an out of pocket cash expense but there is also the worry of not having enough of tooth material for a new crown to be attached to if the remainder does get infected with plaque bacteria. In this case one day crowns will be placed onto an implant though this will take months to accomplish at an even more expensive surgical procedure.